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Comparative Analysis Essay Topics

The sad truth is that numerous African Us citizens nevertheless facial area the similar threats of discrimination and abuse at the fingers of police officers as their past generations did many years ago. The comparative analysis essay topics failure of the American authorities to eradicate this deep-seated issue demonstrates us that there may possibly be huge mental limitations in the minds of numerous individuals that hinder the progress of their respective communities.

comparative analysis essay topics

1 of the principal challenges with police brutality is that it normally goes unaccounted for. There are many good reasons for this.

For occasion, it is not exceptional for a comparative analysis essay topics circumstance to boil down to the word of a law enforcement officer against the term of a likely prison. It is comparative analysis essay topics effortless to suppose how a choose or jury could possibly bi biased into believing a law enforcement officer’s assert of self defense in a hypothetical killing condition, particularly when there is no other evidence outside of the comparative analysis essay topics statements of people involved. If the chance of racial prejudice is taken into account, it is also easy to surmise that lots of black persons may perhaps experience probable comparative analysis essay topics wrongful convictions and imprisonments, finally thanks to the brutality and discrimination exhibited by the law enforcement in the 1st area.

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An even larger problem with police brutality in the United States is that it seems to be deeply tied to racism. This is dependent on the reality that there is a escalating system of proof suggesting that police officers comparative analysis essay topics are extra probably to harass and arrest innocent civilians that are black or hispanic fairly than white (Owen 2016). One more stage of concern is the large amount of killings that have taken spot, comparative analysis essay topics involving young black men and women and police officers. In a time period of much comparative analysis essay topics less than a few years between 2014 and 2016, there ended up 9 this sort of substantial-profile murder instances, only 1 of which has resulted in a critical conviction so significantly (Garner 2014).

In accordance to data acquired and presented by the Chicago Tribune in 2016, comparative analysis essay topics 4 out of 5 killings by law enforcement were being of a young black male (Richards et al.

These kinds of stats spotlight the clear increased threats that youthful African American folks might be dealing with in their societies. comparative analysis essay topics While it could be argued that these data simply issue to a larger crime amount amongst youthful non-white people, there is a developing physique of proof to counsel if not.

For instance, analysis by the Washington Put up has shown that most situations involving the comparative analysis essay topics killings of black comparative analysis essay topics persons have not involved any practical lethal threats to law enforcement officers on the scene (Lowery 2016). A great deal of this suggests that there might be a general bias among law enforcement officers that non-white people are extra likely to be criminals. comparative analysis essay topics Even even worse, it could even be an indicator that some law enforcement officers are knowingly abusing their electric power in purchase to carry out racist assaults without having experiencing the exact risks of authorized prosecution.

One particular comparative analysis essay topics principle of why such brutality and discrimination exists towards black men and women is simply because of America’s bitter background of slavery, racism, and segregation for the superior portion of its existence as a country. Because of the racial comparative analysis essay topics tensions that existed very well till the afterwards 50 percent of the twenty first century, many law enforcement officers adopted the strategy of willfully discriminating towards black individuals when pursuing prison offenders (Owen 2016). In other conditions, individuals are basically presented the advantage of exploiting their socially liable situation of getting a police officer in buy to carry out racially inspired loathe crimes that can afterwards be easily justified on the foundation of their respectable posts.

Bias and unequal treatment method of citizens by police officers is unacceptable in a formulated and democratic nation that strives to set an example to the relaxation of the world.